Supporting Civil Society

We work with civil society actors and journalists advocating for the rule of law, public transparency, and accountability.

Why it matters

The CEELI Institute’s work with judges, investigators, prosecutors, and lawyers has long been complemented by partnerships with civil society organizations, human rights defenders, and investigative journalists who strive for greater public transparency and accountability, support the rule of law through research and advocacy, and act as anti-corruption watchdogs.

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Respite and Fellowship Programs

The CEELI Institute provides temporary respite, fellowships, and other opportunities to human rights lawyers, investigative journalists, and civil society activists working under stressful and challenging conditions at home.

Central and Eastern Europe

Direct Support to NGOs

CEELI also directly supports civil society partners throughout Central and Eastern Europe as part of our anti-corruption programming and in collaboration with human rights defenders. Direct assistance empowers our partners to address corruption and rights issues at home with increased capacity and flexibility.

Past work

In recent years, the CEELI Institute has worked with lawyers, judges, and civil society to help advance the rule of law even in the most challenging circumstances, drawing upon our experience from Central and Eastern Europe.   

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