Building Legal skills 
and Capacity

We support human rights lawyers and law students to bolster their skills and defend their clients effectively.

Why this matters...

Providing training and support to lawyers is central to the CEELI Institute’s mission, especially in countries where the rule of law is threatened, and lawyers are the only legal profession upholding its standards. In addition to offering anti-corruption trainings, we work with lawyers to improve their advocacy skills, access to international legal remedies, and ability to safeguard their profession’s independence when threatened.

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Supporting Defense Lawyers

We bring together criminal defense lawyers from countries where the rule of law is backsliding to address the very real challenges to the independence of their profession, mechanisms for maintaining the rule of law, strategies for providing defendants with access to counsel, and tools for using international law as a check on repressive domestic actions.


Boosting Advocacy Skills of Young Legal Professionals

We build the confidence and trial skills of young legal professionals in areas that are most relevant to human rights advocacy, including oral presentation and argument, motion practice, and persuasive speaking.

Past work

In recent years, the CEELI Institute has worked with lawyers, judges, and civil society to help advance the rule of law even in the most challenging circumstances, drawing upon our experience from Central and Eastern Europe.   

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