Strengthening Judicial Independence and integrity

Through professional education and exchanges, we support both individual judges and judicial institutions striving for judicial independence and accountability to become standard-bearers at home.

Why this matters...

An independent judiciary is an integral rule of law principle that, alarmingly, is under threat in many countries around the world. CEELI is helping counter that threat by building and supporting resilient peer networks of reform-minded judges across three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. We also work with judges across these regions to provide professional and expert-led trainings on issues such as international legal norms, adjudicating corruption, cybercrime, terrorism, and human trafficking.

Current Work

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Past work

In recent years, the CEELI Institute has worked with lawyers, judges, and civil society to help advance the rule of law even in the most challenging circumstances, drawing upon our experience from Central and Eastern Europe.   

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