What we do

Strengthening Judicial Independence And Integrity

We work with judges at all levels to promote judicial independence, strengthen judicial integrity, and improve professional competencies.

Fighting Corruption

We provide state-of-the-art training for investigators, prosecutors and judges on how to pursue and handle complex corruption cases, and work with civil society and journalists on efforts to promote transparency and public accountability.

Supporting Civil Society Efforts

The CEELI Institute conducts a wide range of programs designed to strengthen the role of civil society groups in preserving and advancing the rule of law.

Building Legal Skills And Capacity

We provide substantive and practical skills training for lawyers and law students.

CEELI Online

A one-stop hub for specialized, remotely accessible courses and dialogues for legal, judicial, and civil society professionals. Through this platform, CEELI offers integrated courses on a wide range of timely and relevant topics. We understand that online learning is not as simple as just recording lectures on Zoom for playback. Recognizing this, CEELI Online offers useful programs that fully engage participants via online platforms.

CEELI talks

Each series of podcasts from CEELI features interviews, conversations and reports with leading judges, civil society actors and European institutions that advance the rule of law.


Our Impact

The mission of the CEELI Institute is to advance the rule of law in the world in order to protect fundamental rights and individual liberties; promote transparent, incorruptible, accountable governments; lay the foundation for economic opportunity and growth; and encourage peaceful resolution of disputes.






Ceeli institute

Globalizing the rule of law

Your generosity helps us make strides towards bolstering the rule of law around the world.