Cooperation with Civil Society

The CEELI Institute works closely with civil society watchdogs and investigative journalists, whose work is effective in uncovering and making public corruption and other wrongdoing to advocate for reform.

As such, we have long worked with partners across Central and Eastern Europe and beyond on monitoring fraud and corruption in large-scale public procurements–such as in healthcare. Our partnership with civil society actors also includes projects on how to improve whistleblower protections in EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe in collaboration with civil society organizations in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. This work includes providing analysis on how to effectively implement European directives on whistleblower protections. 

In cooperation with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), we also supported civil society organizations in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Southeast Asia and Africa in implementing anti-corruption recommendations made by international observers and evaluators, including the Council of Europe and United Nations. 

Finally, as part of our work on Ukraine, the Institute has partnered with local organizations to support corruption monitoring and government efforts to combat it. Since 2014, we have built professional trust and close working relationships with several Ukrainian civil society organizations on protecting the integrity of anti-corruption agencies and the judiciary, monitoring public procurement, reviewing anti-corruption policies, and developing investigative capacities.

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