Support of Anti-Corruption Efforts in Ukraine

The CEELI Institute has a strong history partnering with civil society and anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine. Since the creation of anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine over fifteen years ago, the CEELI Institute has supported their professional development and cooperation with regional peers.

Our work has accelerated since Russia’s full-scale invasion.    

The Institute has ramped up our work with Ukrainian anti-corruption bodies to provide targeted trainings and support their needs during wartime and in anticipation of reconstruction–to identify, investigate, and prosecute corruption. We also train regional anti-corruption agencies and watchdogs on sophisticated corruption schemes that are specific to war and recovery while supporting avenues for meaningful regional cooperation with Ukrainian organizations on multi-jurisdictional crimes.  

Finally, we work with civil society to build accountability through public oversight by supporting both Ukrainian and regional civil society organizations to investigate multi-jurisdictional corruption and, ultimately, influence national and regional commitments and actions.

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