Advanced Anti-Corruption Training

Recognizing the increasing international reach and sophistication of today’s corruption schemes, we provide professional trainings and exchanges that are relevant and expert.  This includes our renowned course on prosecuting official corruption, developed and delivered by internationally recognized experts, as well as more recent anti-corruption curricula on cryptocurrency, cybercrime, financial investigation techniques, multijurisdictional cooperation, identifying fraud in public procurement, open-source intelligence tools, and asset recovery. We deliver these courses to prosecutors, investigators, journalists, and civil society watchdogs in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. 

CEELI’s training courses are effective because of our expert faculty and highly interactive methodology. We train participants on actual investigations involving cases of official corruption–for example, in the public procurement process. Participants work in small groups to walk through and develop investigation strategies, learning to use time-tested investigative tools along the way. 

Our trainings aim to build bridges and bring together different actors involved in the fight against corruption–such as law enforcement with investigative journalists and civil society watchdogs. As they all work toward the same goal, it can be useful for each group to understand each other’s approaches towards combatting corruption and, eventually, build collaboration and mutual respect. For example, one CEELI course works with investigative journalists on how to engage with law enforcement on legal accountability mechanisms.

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