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The CEELI Institute Supports Ukrainian War Refugees


12 Apr 2022

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Institute has received a steady stream of requests for assistance from our many colleagues, partners, and friends directly affected by the violence in the country. They are seeking immediate help for family and friends—women, children, and elderly people who are trying to flee from the conflict. In response, the Institute has shifted a significant amount of effort, know-how, and resources to receive families in Prague at the Villa Grébovka and elsewhere throughout the city. Our priority has been to quickly relocate refugee families to suitable housing and accommodation in or near Prague, providing essentials in the form of food, clothing, and SIM cards, and, later, helping them acclimate to their new lives in Prague.

The Institute team has been an essential lifeline for these refugees, helping them navigate Czech bureaucracy and enroll children in schools, and in some cases, even opening their own homes to these families. While we continue the CEELI Institute’s usual work with judges, lawyers, and civil society activists to strengthen the rule of law across this region and beyond, our staff members also remain focused on the well-being of our guests.

Through the generosity of our board members, colleagues, friends, and friends of friends, we have raised over $150,000 to carry out this essential function. The Institute remains committed to its support for the Ukrainian people and will continue to work to ensure the safety and security of those families who are referred to us for assistance for as long as necessary.

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