CEELI Institute's Founder Homer E. Moyer, Jr. Opens IBA Rule of Law Symposium


13 Dec 2023

Homer E. Moyer, Jr., CEELI Institute's Founder and Chair Emeritus, delivered a compelling opening speech at the Rule of Law Symposium during the 2023 International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference in Paris. Moyer's address focused on the practical nuances of the rule of law and its broader implications for societies worldwide.

Reflecting on the historical context of the rule of law, Moyer highlighted the post-Cold War era when nations declared independence from Soviet control. He underscored that the rule of law is not a self-defining term, emphasizing essential characteristics that place ultimate power in the hands of the people rather than the government.

Moyer noted lessons learned and offered a nuanced perspective on global rule of law trends, acknowledging reports of net declines while highlighting significant positive indicators. Success stories from Central Europe and Eurasia serve as a testament to the enduring appeal and resilience of rule of law principles.

In his closing remarks, he urged the legal community to avoid extreme polarization, promote rule of law concepts through education, develop skills to recognize misinformation, and defend independent media and courageous journalists.

Emphasizing the crucial role of lawyers as custodians and guardians of the rule of law, Moyer issued a call to action: "When the rule of law is threatened, we must be the first responders."

The full speech by Homer E. Moyer, Jr. is available for viewing here, thanks to the IBA for providing the video footage.

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