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CEELI Resumes In-Person Training


09 Sep 2021

The CEELI Institute was thrilled to resume in-person programming on September 6, 2021, after more than a year of exclusively online program delivery. The continuing relatively low levels of pandemic conditions in the Czech Republic and other participating countries, as well as the easing of some travel restrictions within the European Union enabled us to gather faculty and participants in Prague, at the Villa Grébovka, for this inaugural five-day program on Financial Investigation Techniques. The training program was designed for law enforcement investigators and prosecutors with responsibility for pursuing crimes involving corruption and fraud and is part of an ongoing project at the Institute, funded by the U.S. Department of State (INL Bureau) to combat corruption in the region through sophisticated training efforts. Participants were drawn from EU member states located in Central and Eastern Europe. In preparation for the program, the Institute adopted a number of safety and hygiene protocols that actually exceed Czech Health Ministry requirements, including indoor masking for all program activities and use of outdoor spaces for coffee breaks and meals.

We recognize that in-person training offer a rich learning experience that cannot always be duplicated in an online setting—and our faculty, participants, and staff all embraced the opportunity to return to in-person engagement this week with enthusiasm and commitment. We look forward to continuing a Fall calendar of in-person events, subject to pandemic conditions in the region remaining at present levels of control. We will continue to closely monitor those conditions and, of course, comply with all governmental restrictions.

Finally, we also appreciate the value of online and blended learning options and will continue our robust online education efforts as a permanent feature of our CEELI programs.

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