Webinar Series on Environmental Crimes (May-July 2024)

This series of webinars on Environmental Crimes is designed as an opportunity for judges of the African Judicial Exchange Network to come together and discuss good practices and challenges on the various aspects of judging environmental crimes, roles of special courts and tribunals, and civil and corporate criminal liability. The topics of these series have been identified in close cooperation with the members of the Core Group of the African Judicial Exchange Network. The faculty for each of the webinars will consist of both African and overseas experts. Each session reserves sufficient time for discussion so that the participating judges have an opportunity to ask questions and/or share their experiences.

Webinar 3: Transnational Environmental Crimes Cases
Date: July 3, 2024

16-17:30 (Accra/Banjul)
17-18:30 (Abuja)
18-19:30 (Gaborone/Johannesburg/Lilongwe/Lusaka/Prague/ Windhoek)
19-20:30 (Nairobi/Entebbe/Dar Es Salaam)

Crimes that impact the environment are often transnational organized crimes. Though transnational, these crimes threaten the national rule of law, governance, and national security, robbing local communities of their livelihood and negatively impacting social and economic development. Dealing with international organized crime creates extra challenges when handling these cases. During this third webinar, we will look at the challenges in adjudicating transnational environmental crime cases, including liability in these cases. Experts will discuss links to corruption and economic crimes and sentencing options.

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All information about the webinar series here.

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