Practical Guidelines
For Remote Judging


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, judiciaries across the region and world were forced to rapidly adjust their daily operations. Many courts were forced to move quickly into the digital sphere. In response to this, the CEELI Institute has sought to find ways to support judiciaries as they manage their pandemic response and their adjustment to use of new virtual platforms. We also want to use this opportunity to provide lasting guidance on remote judging practices, which will remain relevant even after the pandemic. The increased emphasis on technology and remote judging has heightened the need for long-term specific judicial training in these areas. Promoting uses of technology that enhance the justice system and enable more efficient, timely and accessible justice for all is a key responsibility of any modern judiciary.


With this mandate, the CEELI Institute has created these guidelines following discussions with practicing judges during our training course Best Practices for Remote Judging (a certificate course) held online from Autumn 2020 through Spring 2021. These Guidelines are the product of judicial innovation and adaption. The goals of this document are to summarize the current realities, provide realistic solutions, and provide a framework for remote judging post-pandemic. It has become apparent that remote judging will now be an integral part of the modern judiciary. Judges and practitioners will need to continue to adapt as these processes continue to evolve.


This document is relevant to individual judges, and also to those responsible for setting national standards for judicial conduct including members of judicial councils, court presidents, officials from judicial associations, and any other members of the judiciary who are responsible for regulating judges’ use of digital platforms. (including social media)


This publication is available for download below in Croatian, English, Georgian, Macedonian, and Serbian.


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