Our Supporters


Contributions and support  from our community are critical to our work. The CEELI Institute is proud to work hand in hand with several private and corporate sponsors. 

Corporations, Foundations, and Organizations

Donations made in 2020

Core Corporate Sponsors  ($50,000 per Year)

Defenders of the Rule of Law (from $10,000)

Haynes & Boone
The George Mead Jr. Foundation



The Clorox Company
Court Callk


Baker Hughes


The Ira and Edgra Ringler Foundation

The Wakaponeta Foundation

Individual Contributors

Lifetime Stewards ($100,000 and above)

Mary & David Boies

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nichols

C. Boyden Gray

Sue Ringler

Donations made in 2021

Champions (from $50,000)

Sue Ringler
Mary & David Boies

Change Makers (from $25,000)

Homer & Beret Moyer

Defenders (from $10,000)

Larry & Polly Nichols
Leanne Geale


Hon. John Walker


Alex Juden
Gerald Haddock

Advocates (from $5,000)

Dr. Mark Ellis


Hon. Judy Chirlin


Hon. John Tunheim
Joel Martin


Maryann Clifford


Bruno Cova
Tim & Joni Powers


Jean-Michel & Desi Ferat


Elaine & Edme Ferat

Friends (from $1,000)

Tim Dickinson


Laura Stein


John Mullen


Hon. Rosmary Barkett
Bernard & Melinda Woolfley


Christopher Lehmann


Jirina Novakova


Robert Stein
Hon. Ivana Hrdlickova


Bridget Rohde & Michael Mich


Thomas Green


Ann Sultan

Supporters (from $500)

Bill & Jane Meyer


Vladas Stankevicius
Jonathan Fried


Andre Levchuk


Nicola Bonucci


Kara Brockmeyer
Betsy Anderson


Quinn O’Keefe

Donors (up to $499)

Tom Firestone


Daniel Pelletier


Peter Kolker
Oleksii Martynovskyi


Mary Greer


Danforth Newcomb


Hon. Lada Zaviskova
Jenny Murphy


Janet Katz


Amanda Retana

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