Our Supporters


Contributions and support  from our community are critical to our work. The CEELI Institute is proud to work hand in hand with several private and corporate sponsors. 

Corporations, Foundations, and Organizations

Donations made in 2020

Core Corporate Sponsors  ($50,000 per Year)

Defenders of the Rule of Law (from $10,000)

Haynes & Boone
The George Mead Jr. Foundation



The Clorox Company


Baker Hughes


The Ira and Edgra Ringler Foundation
The Wakaponeta Foundation

Individual Contributors

Lifetime Stewards ($100,000 and above)

Mary & David Boies

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nichols

C. Boyden Gray

Sue Ringler

Donations made in 2021

Change Makers (from $25,000)

James & Rebecca Evarts


Susan Ringler
Homer & Beret Moyer
Larry & Polly Nichols

Defenders (from $10,000)

Leanne Geale


Patsy Palmer
Gerald Haddock


Laura Stein
Stephen Larson


Hon. John Walker Jr.

Advocates (from $5,000)

Judith Chirlin


Eytan Epstein


Alexander Juden
Maryann Clifford


Maryann Elaine & Edme Ferat


Hon. John Tunheim
Timothy Dickinson


Jean-Michel & Desi Ferat


Friends (from $1,000)

Mark Ellis


Daniel Nugent


Ann Sultan
Hon. Ivana Hrdličková


Timothy & Joni Powers


John Mullen


Robert Stein



Supporters (from $500)

Jonathan Fried


Joel Martin


Andrew Schapiro
Susan Griffith


William & Jane Meyer


Martin Šolc


John Kelley


Quinn O’Keefe

Donors (up to $499)

Stefan Cassella


Ana Paula Lobo


Dmitriy Titov
Jay Freedman


Mary Noel Pepys


Lada Závišková
Janet Katz


Corinne Smith


Vladimir Živankić