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CEELI Launches New Initiative to Support Anti-Corruption Activists

The CEELI Institute is delighted to be able to announce the launch of a new…
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CEELI Launches New Judicial Tool

The CEELI Institute is delighted to announce its newest judicial reference tool, The Addendum to…
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Advising Burmese MPs on legislative reform

Building on our four-year track record of working with human rights lawyers in Burma, the…
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CEELI at Forum 2000

Forum 2000 (www.forum2000.cz) is an annual convocation in Prague, originally founded by Václav Havel, dedicated to supporting…
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The CEELI Judicial Exchange touches base in India

The CEELI Institute is pleased to initiate a multi-year partnership with the National Judicial Academy in Bhopal, India, and the U.S.…
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Providing Lifelines for Syrian Judges in Exile

In April 2018, the CEELI Institute resumed a program in partnership with the Swedish-based International…
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The 2017 Conference of Chief Justices of Central and Eastern Europe

The CEELI Institute was honored to support the Seventh Conference of Chief Justices of Central…
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Confronting External Pressures on the Judiciary in Central and Eastern Europe

The CEELI Institute continues to be deeply engaged with judiciaries of Central and Eastern Europe,…
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Partnering with the Association of Croatian Judges

The CEELI Institute is delighted to announce its new joint partnership with the Association of…
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Annual Meeting 2017

From July 9-11th, the CEELI Institute was delighted to host colleagues, board members, donors, alumni,…
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2017 Conference of Chief Justices of Central & Eastern Europe –Budapest, Hungary, June 4-7, 2017

The CEELI Institute was delighted to again join in supporting the Seventh Conference of Chief…
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Roundtable: Supporting Syrian Judges 

The CEELI Institute organized a roundtable with Syrian judges currently living in Turkey, where they…
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Strength in Diversity: CEELI Expands Its Institutional Partnerships Across Europe

In February, the CEELI Institute staff was delighted to welcome the leadership of the highly…
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CEE Judges Take on Corruption

In January, the CEELI Institute hosted the latest meeting of our Central and East European…
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CEELI Judicial Manual Put to Work in Drafting the Georgian Judicial Strategy

The CEELI Institute is pleased to report that it’s Manual on Independence, Impartiality and Integrity…
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Voices of the Next Generation: Bringing Change to the Middle East

The CEELI Institute is delighted to be able to announce the continuation of its groundbreaking…
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Supporting Judges Who Deal with Terrorism Cases

In March, the CEELI Institute continued its ongoing efforts to support judges in countries on…
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Save the Date! The CEELI Institute Annual Meeting: July 9-10, 2017

Mark your calendars to join us in Prague, at the Villa Grebovka, on July 9-10,…
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SPRING COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED: The CEELI Institute´s Spring Course on Investigating and Prosecuting Public Corruption – April 24-28, 2017 – Prague

The CEELI Institute is delighted to announce a spring session of our signature anti-corruption course…
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The CEELI Institute 2016 Annual Report is now available!

The mission of the CEELI Institute is to advance the rule of law in the…
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Judicial Specialist (Pro Bono)

The CEELI Institute in Prague seeks a Judicial Specialist for a short-term (two to three…
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“Legislating from Strasbourg” The Impact of Jurisprudence from the European Court of Human Rights

The CEELI Institute was delighted to be able to host a conference on “Legislating from…
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Supporting the Work of the CEELI Institute

Dear Friend of the CEELI Institute, In 2016, the work of the CEELI Institute in…
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Anti-Corruption Programs at the Institute: Fall Course Wrap-up

From November 14th-18th, 2016 the CEELI Institute organized its sixth round of training on “Investigating…
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Letter from the Executive Director

The CEELI Institute has long been a leader in innovative and effective judicial programming. We…
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CEELI Develops Tools for Judges

The CEELI Institute continues its work with its core working group of judges from across…
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Supporting the Croatian Judiciary: Facilitating Attention to and Adoption of European Jurisprudence

In late September, the CEELI Institute was again be able to support the efforts of…
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Empowering Tunisian Judges

The CEELI Institute is continuing its long work with the Tunisian judiciary, now focusing on…
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Judges and the Media

An increasingly important aspect of the CEELI Institute’s continuing engagement with judiciaries across the region…
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Promoting Judicial Independence in Central and Eastern Europe

As part of our continuing engagement with the judiciaries from across the Central and East…
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Supporting Judges on the Front Lines in Combating Terrorism

In October, the CEELI Institute continued its ongoing efforts to support judges in countries on…
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Mission: Siberia – Discussion and exhibition

The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuanian together with the CEELI Institute in Prague would…
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Tunisia: Workshop on Corruption in Tax Administration 

The CEELI Institute has returned to Tunisia on November 2-3 to organize another workshop in…
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Second Round of International Judicial Conference in Zadar on Independence and Impartiality of justice

On September 30 – October 1, we were pleased to once again support our Network…
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Justice Kennedy Joins CEELI/IBA Event

The CEELI Institute was delighted to join with the IBA in hosting U.S. Supreme Court…
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CEELI takes on “Sextortion”

The CEELI Institute has partnered with the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) to deliver…
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NGOs as Judicial Watchdogs: A New Report and Recommendations

The CEELI Institute is gratified to have participated in the preparation of a landmark effort…
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CEELI at The Hague: An Update on CEELI Judicial Tools

CEELI Institute Executive Director Christopher Lehmann and Judge Cristi Danilet from Romania recently led a…
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US and Pakistani Judges Meet at the CEELI Institute

The CEELI Institute was delighted to recently welcome our first-ever delegation from Pakistan. In late…
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