Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights

CEELI Training 2021

In early 2021 the CEELI Institute launched a long-requested course for lawyers on comparative intellectual property rights law. This new online course will run for 12 weeks. The target audience is lawyers from the region who work in mostly small or medium-sized practices which do not have training budgets and where there is a training need that is not being met.

The CEELI Institute is pleased to continue to lead the way in providing state-of-the-art online training programs for judges and lawyers in Central and Eastern Europe with this introductory IPR course, and to provide ongoing opportunities for quality continuing legal education, even in an environment shaped by pandemic constraints.

CEELI Institute staff have identified as faculty top subject matter experts from the United States and Europe. We are keen to provide participants a comparative view of international practice and to hone in on approaches and methods that will work best for their own jurisdictions.

The new course is comprised of a mix of online learning components including weekly live seminars, discussion forums, and case studies. It features three core modules: (1) introduction to the international IPR context; (2) IPR management and protection; and (3) managing disputes, infringement and enforcement. The course concludes with a mock trial. The introductory Module provides an overview of the international legislation, conventions, and standards that apply to IPR. In it, we discuss the various forums and bodies that govern the international IP landscape, with a focus on trademarks, copyright, and certain aspects of design rights. Special attention is given to IPR issues related to online platforms, apps, websites, and social networks. Module Two is designed to assist practitioners in advising clients on how to manage and protect their IPR. The aim is to provide an understanding of the creation and protection of IPRs, and the effective exploitation of these rights. Participants are guided on the practical advice they can give clients, bearing in mind cross-border business practices. Module Three addresses disputes, infringement and enforcement. The aim of this module is to equip practitioners with knowledge to advise clients on appropriate strategies and options when a client’s IP has been infringed, or alternatively, when your client is accused of infringing on someone else’s IP. Together with our international expert faculty we discuss how to apply the law and accepted industry techniques to protect, exploit, and enforce IPR in business.

In keeping with the standard practice for courses offered via our CEELI Online platform, a dedicated course tutor is on hand for the duration of the course to field questions and provide feedback. Our online design provides a structured, directed course of study incorporating a gradual release of materials with specific required tasks at the culmination of each learning module. Online learning is most effective when participants remain engaged and active. This course design engages participants at a deeper level of critical thinking and learning. The use of computer-mediated communication, such as online ‘discussion forums’ and ‘chat’ sessions, facilitates information exchange, collaboration, and knowledge building. This leads to reflection about the participants’ own professional knowledge, and reinforces the learning process.

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