Combating Fraud and Corruption in Infrastructure Projects: Procurement, Implementation and Money Laundering Schemes

Combating Fraud and Corruption in Infrastructure Projects: Procurement, Implementation and Money Laundering Schemes

CEELI Training 2021


March 8 – April 1st  2021

The course examines common schemes that are found in public procurement projects, including collusive bidding, bid-rigging, and kickback arrangements to public officials. It will also look at common fraudulent practices that occur after the contract award stage, and during the project implementation process, which is commonly the actual construction phase of the project. These include use of false or inflated invoices, fictitious sub-contractors, product and supply substitutions, and deliberate failure to meet contract specifications. Such practices are relatively easy for contractors to engage in, but can be hard for investigators to detect.

The CEELI Institute has once again assembled an international faculty, with experience in both European and US investigations and prosecutions. The program is designed to be highly interactive, even in the online setting, providing participants with the opportunity to walk through the actual investigation of a mock case involving fraud that may occur at various stages of an infrastructure project. The case studies also expose participants to the most effective detection methods (including automated detection systems), investigative steps, and prevention strategies.

This course represents the latest in a series of new online programs being developed by the CEELI Institute and focused on promoting skills and capacity to identify and pursue public corruption. These programs are intended to strengthen the skills both of the government officials charged with identifying and pursuing corruption cases, as well as the civil society actors and journalists who increasingly play an important role in drawing attention to public corruption.


Faculty for this course

David Hawkes, former economic crime prosecutor, Berlin, Germany, currently Head of the Special Litigation Unit, Integrity Vice President, World Bank Group

Michael Kramer, JD, CFE , Washington, DC based attorney and consultant specializing in providing investigative, training and consulting services to international clients in the areas of anti-corruption and fraud

Thomas Lasich, adjunct professor, George Washington University, Washington, DC; 27 years’ experience as a US and international financial crimes and money laundering investigator; Program Coordinator for the US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, former head of training for the International Asset Recovery Center, (ICAR), Basel, Switzerland Neill Stansbury, UK lawyer and construction fraud expert; involved in infrastructure projects in more than 20 countries; cofounder, Global Infrastructure AntiCorruption Centre (GIACC)

Sheri Dunlop, Former Supervisor of the Department of Homeland Security and a Senior Criminal Investigator of FinCEN


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