Central & Eastern European Judicial Exchange Network Conference

Building Public Trust and Confidence in the Judiciary: Strategies for Strengthening Judicial

Central & Eastern European Judicial Exchange Network Conference

Building Public Trust and Confidence in the Judiciary: Strategies for Strengthening Judicial Independence
May 06 – 07, 2022

Working languages: Croatian, Russian and English (with simultaneous interpretation)

The judiciary in many Central and Eastern European countries are facing significant challenges that attempt to curtail judicial independence and judges’ ability to fairly administer justice. Overreaching executive and legislative actions together with outside pressure and interference from the media undermine the integrity and transparency of the judicial process. Public political attacks on the judiciary inhibit the ability to apply the law fairly without undue external pressures or fear of recriminations. A transparent and independent delivery of justice is critical to building public trust in the judiciary and this conference will explore proactive measures to foster greater confidence and support in the work of the judiciary in CEE countries.

The conference will, by sharing experiences and good practices among Network judges, facilitate broader understanding on how judicial independence is currently being undermined and offer constructive suggestions with actual examples of current efforts to counteract and enhance the independence of the judiciary. We will discuss how judges can be encouraged and supported in their efforts to protect, promote and strengthen judicial independence and gain greater trust and confidence from the public. This meeting is intended to spark discussions on judicial effectiveness, judicial governance, public relations strategies, community outreach, the use of social media, dealings with the media and mechanisms for asserting judicial independence.

The topics addressed have been identified by the core members of the Judicial Network as issues that are critical to strengthening judicial independence and fostering a more positive perceptions of the judiciary, to promote confidence in the judiciary and strengthen the rule of law.

The conference is primarily focused at rising judges who are active and motivated to improve the status quo. Spaces are limited so register now!




Judge Andrea Moravčíková, Vice President of Supreme Court of Slovakia
Ms Bilyana Gyaurova-Wegertseder, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives (BILI), Bulgaria
Judge Cristi Danilet, Cluj, Romania
Judge Davor Dubravica, Municipal Court Zadar, Croatia
Judge Domagoj Frntic, Deputy President of the Municipal Labor Court, Croatia
Mr Duro Sessa, President of European Association of Judges, Deputy President of Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE), Croatia
Judge Gjorgi Andonov, Primary Court Shtip, North Macedonia
Judge Dr. Grzegorz Borkowski, International Legal Expert, former Head of Office of the National Council of the Polish Judiciary and HELP Consultative Board, Poland
Judge Hana Homolova, Prague, Czech Republic
Mr Jaša Vrabec, Office for Court Management Development, Head of the Office, Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Judge John Tunheim, US District Judge for the District of Minnesota, United States
Judge Katica Artukovic, Cantonal Court in Široki Brijeg, Bosnia i Herzegovina
Judge Ksenija Flack-Makitan, Commercial Court in Varaždin, Croatia
Judge Ladislav Derka, High Court in Prague, Czech Republic
Judge Levente Simon, Gödöllő City Court, Hungary
Judge Nebojsa Djuricic, Civil Department of the High Court in Belgradge, President of the Forum of Judges, Serbia
Judge Urszula Żóltak, Member of National Board of Polish Judges Association, Poland
Judge Yvonne Summer, Vice President of the Austrian Association of Judges, Austria
Professor Željko Bartulović, Rijeka, Croatia

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