CEELI Talks, Series One: Safeguarding the Rule of Law in Challenging Times


Our first podcast series encapsulates the unique legal challenges of the day and will feature interviews, conversations, and reports with learning judges, civil society actors, and representatives of European institutions that advance the rule of law.


Safeguarding the Rule of Law

Our inaugural episode — Safeguarding the Rule of Law — focuses on the role of judiciaries and the complications presented by the COVID-19 crisis. This episode features a conversation with Judge José Igreja Matos, President of the European Association of Judges, about his observations, concerns, and insights on the role of the judiciary under lockdown. Dr. Jan Grinc of Charles University in Prague also joins the episode and shares some of the challenges presented to the Czech courts by COVID-19.


Maintaining Access to Justice Part 1: Criminal Courts

Our second episode in the series, Maintaining Access to Justice Part 1: Criminal Courts explores how the wheels of justice can continue to operate during the current global health crisis, particularly in the context of criminal trials. What are the core functions that the judiciary needs to deliver to deal with urgent issues despite the pandemic? What critical decisions and urgent matters must be addressed?


Maintaining Access to Justice Part 2: Administrative and Civil Courts

This episode will look at the role of administrative and civil courts in the pandemic crisis. What is the role of the administrative courts in holding governments to account? How can civil and administrative courts ensure their functions continue during a state of emergency? How can they support people who may be disproportionately affected by the emergency? What critical decisions and urgent matters must be addressed?


Moving forward after the Crisis: Lessons for the Judiciary

This episode explores how the courts should be preparing for life after pandemic conditions. What will be the effect of the unprecedented rate of suspended and delayed cases? What new cases can the courts expect to emerge as a result of the pandemic and the measures taken to control it? Many courts were already struggling with delivering justice in a timely fashion–how should they be preparing for an even worse backlog?


The Role of the Judge: Resilience and Regional Experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced incredible pressures on criminal justice systems across the globe, not least of which is how to ensure access to justice in a time where courtroom trials are all but impossible. Promoting uses of technology that enhance the justice system and enable more efficient, timely, and accessible justice for all is a key responsibility of any modern judiciary.