Best Practices for Remote Judging – Certificate Course

Best Practices for Remote Judging – Certificate Course

CEELI Training 2021 – 2022

Online sessions: 14 October 2021 – 4 November 2021

In-person 3-day symposium: Febrary/March 2022


This 5-month blended learning course, mixing online and onsite sessions, is the repeat of our successful Remote Judging course launched in October 2020. It aims to equip judges with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct remote judging in the Central & Eastern Europe context as they respond to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on their work. The increased emphasis on technology and remote judging has heightened the need for specific judicial training in these areas. Promoting uses of technology that enhance the justice system and enable more efficient and accessible justice is a key responsibility of any modern judiciary. This program will help facilitate the use of technology and online hearings where appropriate, but still ensuring access to justice, and adherence to international standards of human rights and fair trials. The course will emphasize compliance with relevant international standards and legal obligations, including European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence. The program is offered as part of the CEELI Institute’s Central & Eastern European Judicial Network Exchange; promoting judicial integrity, transparency, and strengthening public confidence in the judiciary across the region.



• Training on ‘CEELI Online,’ our dedicated online learning platform.

• Weekly release of online materials on Thursdays

• Live online sessions will include monthly workshops, roundtable discussions, and podcasts.

• Participants who successfully complete the online component will be invited to join a three-day in-person symposium in Prague at the end February 2022. The in-person event will be held onsite at the CEELI Institute’s headquarters at the Villa Grebovka.



Module 1 – Overview of Current Situation in Courts

Module 2 – What is Remote Judging? Practical and Realistic Technological Matters from a CEE Perspective

Module 3 – Elements of a Remote Hearing or Trial

Module 4 – Practical Guidelines

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