SPRING COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED: The CEELI Institute´s Spring Course on Investigating and Prosecuting Public Corruption – April 24-28, 2017 – Prague


AC picThe CEELI Institute is delighted to announce a spring session of our signature anti-corruption course on the investigation and prosecution of public corruption cases. This five-day, highly interactive training provides participants with a comprehensive framework for initiating and pursuing official corruption cases. The course will take place at the Villa Grebovka in Prague the week of April 24-28, 2017, and is designed to walk participants through the investigation of a case involving official corruption. Participants will work in small groups with a hypothetical case to develop their own investigation strategy, learning to use time-tested investigative tools and develop practical skills along the way. Participant efforts are augmented by expert guidance and instruction.

Over the course of five days, students will:

• Learn to identify transactional red flags and evaluate possible cases of official corruption
• Analyze publically available information to detect signs of corruption
• Develop an investigative plan and take the first steps in pursuing their proactive investigation
• Consider what documents to access—and how to get them
• Discuss how to utilize law enforcement tools to access financial records
• Consider how to acquire and use legally collected electronic evidence
• Use invoices, payment ledgers, receipts, and travel records to support the investigation
• Undertake forensic analysis of relevant financial evidence necessary to “follow the money”
• Learn techniques for effectively conducting interviews of potential witnesses and targets
• Prepare and present a summary of their investigation, supported by the necessary evidence and considering possible defenses and challenges that would be faced at trial
• Consider non-investigative measures to prevent and expose official corruption

The Institute continues to bring together the world’s most experienced anti-corruption prosecutors, forensic accountants, and practitioners as faculty to design and teach this course.


To reserve a place or for more information, please email Barbora Jungova at bjungova@ceeli-inst.org or call +420 606 617 643

2,450 USD – Full course and materials with lodging. Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments included.
1,900 USD – Full course and materials without lodging. Lunch and refreshments included.

Judicial Specialist (Pro Bono)


The CEELI Institute in Prague seeks a Judicial Specialist for a short-term (two to three month) pro-bono volunteer assignment. This position will be based at CEELI Institute headquarters in Prague.

Position: Judicial Specialist (Pro Bono)  

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Estimated Start Date:  April 2017
Duration of Assignment:  Two-Three Months

 Applications considered on a rolling basis

The Judicial Specialist will work with CEELI Institute staff on the development of practical tools for the support of the judiciary. The Institute has been a leader in working with judges from across Europe in the development of such instruments, including the landmark Manual on Independence, Impartiality and Integrity of Justice: A Thematic Compilation of International Standards, Policies and Best Practices, which we continue to update, revise and expand. The specialist would contribute to ongoing efforts related to this project, and would also work with CEELI staff and regional judges on the development of additional practical tools intended to be of use to judges in their day-to-day work and in the handling of their cases. A key component of this effort is design tools which incorporate and reference relevant international guidance on law and practice. The tools are also intended to be practical in nature, providing judges with menus of judicial procedures or practices that they are able to adopt, modify or put in place in their courtroom or in their handling of the case without first seeking changes or amendments to their own criminal procedure codes.

The Judicial Specialist would also be expected to work with Institute staff in the implementation of our judicial programming, to include development of curricula and training materials, assistance with identification of expert faculty, and participation in the organization of programs. The Judicial Specialist would be expected to contribute to new program design and to offer ideas on innovative and effective approaches to program implementation. Finally, the Judicial Specialist would be expected to maintain a cooperative working relationship with program partners and other development partners, assist Institute staff with the development of grant proposals, and contribute to the implementation of other Institute activities as requested.


A Juris Doctor or equivalent law degree;

  • At least seven years of work experience as a lawyer or judge;
  • Substantial demonstrable experience working on issues relating to international and comparative law;
  • Demonstrable experience in implementing capacity-building and/or training activities in the area of rule of law or democracy and governance;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English

Additional Preferred Experience:

  • Experience in teaching and curricula development;
  • Experience in developing and preparing a network of faculty contacts;
  • Experience developing manuals of rules and procedures for legal or judicial professionals;
  • Experience working in an international environment;
  • Published work on topics of international or comparative law as relates to issues of advancing the Rule of Law, Human Rights or the Role of the Judiciary.

The CEELI Institute will provide housing, as well as a monthly stipend for per diem expenses. Travel costs to Prague, as well as any regional travel costs, will also be paid by the Institute.


The CEELI Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, international provider of post-graduate, professional legal education headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Our mission is to develop and train an international network of legal professionals committed to a rule of law. Through innovative training programs and other activities, we work with judges, lawyers, officials and other professionals in countries building laws-based societies to support fair, transparent, and effective judicial systems, strengthen democratic institutions, build respect for human rights, and promote the continuing development of market economies.

To Apply:

Please email a cover letter, resume and writing sample to clehmann@ceeli-inst.org

“Legislating from Strasbourg” The Impact of Jurisprudence from the European Court of Human Rights


2017-02-07 at 09-11-36The CEELI Institute was delighted to be able to host a conference on “Legislating from Strasbourg” to examine how the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, and other international human rights law sources influence the enactment and implementation of domestic legislation in COE member countries. The program gathered scholars from a number of COE member countries, with primary involvement being from Masaryk University’s Judicial Studies Institute, in Brno, Czech Republic, and the University of Oslo’s PluriCourts Project, in Norway. The panelists looked (with particular reference to the experiences in Norway, Czech Republic and Slovakia) at the impact of international human rights rulings on national courts, ministries, parliaments and society; challenges that national governments face in implementing international human rights rulings; the role of the media in influencing understanding and acceptance of European Court and international tribunal rulings; and the role of national constitutional courts in implementing and interpreting such rulings.