ILAC Follows Up on Myanmar Project

The International Legal Assistance Consortium visited Myanmar this month to follow up on the series of workshops implemented by the CEELI Institute and Burma Center Prague for the Myanmar Lawyers’ Network. The workshops took place last August – September and focused on expanding the capacity of the Network to address challenges, communicate issues, and organize members, as well as provide legal and political education to their communities. The full article on the ILAC follow-up visit can be found Myanmar Workshophere.



Midterm Review of Tunisia Judicial Training Project

The Stockholm Policy Group recently reviewed the Training of Tunisian Judges project, funded by the International Legal Assistance Consortium and implemented by the CEELI Institute and the International Bar Association. The review praises the program for its speed and effectiveness and paints a positive picture of how the program can continue to evolve, expand, and effect change in Tunisia. For more information on the CEELI Institute’s work in Tunisia, click here.

Read the full article here.


Klemenčič TEDx Talk on Fighting Corruption

Goran Klemenčič, former Chief Commissioner of Slovenia’s Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, speaks on fighting corruption and human rights protection and transparency. Mr. Klemenčič, a lawyer and public servant devoted to eliminating corruption in his native Slovenia, is a close friend and ally of the CEELI Institute. He has worked closely with the Institute, training on several workshops. He will be integral to our upcoming workshop Anti-Corruption Training for Prosecutors, Judges and Investigators, taking place May 5-9.