Program Update: Tunisia – Judging in a Democratic Society

In April 2013, the CEELI Institute led the 11th session of its exciting course to train Tunisian judges in judicial integrity and human rights, Judging in a Democratic Society. With funding and support from the Swedish International Development Agency and the International Legal Assistance Consortium, the partnership of the CEELI Institute and the International Bar Association (IBA) has now provided nearly 900 Tunisian judges with the tools to transition effectively to their new role in a more democratic society.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Since March 2012, the CEELI Institute and IBA partnership has run two courses per month for approximately 30 judges.  The course stresses the leadership role courts play in society, the importance of judicial independence, and political issues of leadership. Consistent with these ideas, the course provides training in a variety of areas, including the role of a judge in a democratic society, tools required to make courts fair and efficient, judicial independence, ethics, relations with the public and with other branches of government, court administration, human rights principles, and transparency in procedure and decisions.  Judges that participated in the course have highlighted the immediate positive impact the training will have on their work, such as recognizing the necessity of maintaining ethical principles and the method of preparing judicial decisions.

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Rozhovor s Jean-Michel Feratem v Lidových novinách

Jean-Michel Ferat je ředitelem The Claro Group ve Washingtonu, D.C., a právě se zúčastnil jako přednášející prvního programu Anti-Corruption Training v CEELI Institutu. V rozhovoru pro Lidové noviny pod názvem  “Řekli jsme OSN: Máte problém” hovořil o své roli ve vyšetřování programu OSN  “Ropa za potraviny” .

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Lidové Noviny’s Interview with Jean-Michel Ferat

Jean-Michel Ferat is  a Managing Director for The Claro Group in Washington, D.C., and  recently participated as a faculty member in the CEELI Institute’s inaugural Anti-Corruption Training.  In a Czech-language interview with Lidové Noviny, he spoke about his role in the investigation into the United Nation’s Oil-for-Food program.

You can read the full interview here.

NEW PROGRAM: Anti-Corruption Training for Prosecutors, Investigators, & Judges

In March 2013, the CEELI Institute launched its Anti-Corruption Training for Prosecutors, Investigators, & Judges to provide a comprehensive framework for investigating and prosecuting official corruption. The week-long course at the Villa Gröbovka in Prague, Czech Republic, combined lessons drawn from real cases, participant participation, and interactive teaching methods, to provide participants with preventative and investigative techniques to combat corruption at home. For the inaugural course, the Institute brought together a faculty that included some of the world’s most experienced prosecutors, investigators, and practitioners, and a diverse group of participants from Albania, Armenia, Bhutan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova, Tajikistan and Tunisia.

The CEELI Institute plans to offer Anti-Corruption Training for Prosecutors, Investigators, & Judges on a regular basis. Check back here for updates!